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The Need

Banila Co came to us with the desire to bring their products to the US market. They had 700 followers on their US Instagram account and had big goals they wanted to achieve.

The Situation

Banila Co wanted to grow their brand to the same cult-following levels they saw internationally. The challenges that we faced were a lack of brand assets and a lack of awareness. Their products were only being sold on Amazon and they did not have a US-based website.

Our Expertise

Instagram Growth

Gaining authentic, real, engaged followers on Instagram is paramount to success on the platform, and our social team are experts at this steady growth.

The Solution

We've been able to grow their following to 100k authentic followers on Instagram in less than 3 years.

Boosted Posts

Investing in boosted posts can help grow your Instagram following by showing your posts to users who might be interested in pages like yours.

Engaging Content

Engaging, informative content that your users will find interest or value in is key to growing your Instagram following with real followers, not bots.

Co-Branded Giveaways

Partnering with other interest-adjacent brands benefits everyone involved — follower growth gets a boost, and followers have the chance to win a prize!

Influencer Marketing

Collaborating with influencers is a great way to naturally grow your Instagram following over time, as you expose your brand to audiences who are interested in products like yours.

Real Results

Blue Wheel helped Banila achieve...





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