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The Need

This well-known South Korean beauty brand wanted increased brand awareness in the United States and to grow their social media presence on emerging social channels.

The Situation

Banila Co’s Clean It Zero cleansing balm is so effective and so popular that one is bought every 3.1 seconds by beauty insiders around the globe. Banila Co was looking for a digital marketing partner with experience in the social media marketing space, specifically in emerging technologies primarily used by Gen Z, such as Snapchat and TikTok, as well as paid social.

Our Expertise

Brand Awareness

Developing campaigns that represent the brand and align with what their audiences connect with.

Social Media Engagement

Engaging social content and advertising that's both eye-catching and actionable.

Driving Web Traffic from Social

Thoughtful campaigns designed to drive engagement and traffic back to conversion points.

The Solution

Through a comprehensive organic and paid social media plan, Blue Wheel was able to grow the Banila Co brand.

Social Media Marketing

Blue Wheel developed, maintained, and tried new impactful social media campaigns, paying close attention to trends and viral sensations for Banila Co to tap in to. We partnered with over a dozen other brands on Instagram for giveaways, including Isle of Palms, Blume, and Vita Coco.

Digital Advertising

We partnered with Banila to truly understand its brand positioning to develop engaging advertising campaigns geared towards their target audiences. By gathering insights, we were able to create new customer advertising and nurturing campaigns through prospecting and retargeting on Facebook, further expanding into paid search and dynamic retargeting.

Real Results

Over the course of two years, Blue Wheel achieved...







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