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The Need

A leader in the luxury hair care industry came to Blue Wheel in 2019 for assistance with their Amazon Advertising. In 2021, they wanted to ramp up their Prime Day efforts.

The Situation

In our first year working with the client, we saw 82% YoY growth in ad revenue. After those impressive results, the brand trusted Blue Wheel to create a comprehensive Prime Day campaign that would maximize performance before, during, and after the event.

Our Expertise

Prime Day Campaigns

While Prime Day itself only lasts two days, expert advertisers will prime (pun intended) customers for purchasing and start strategizing before and after the sale.

The Solution

The team at Blue Wheel created a complete strategy for the brand to support their Prime Day efforts.

Pre-Event Planning

We increased budgets 2 weeks before Prime Day to ramp up campaigns and visibility, investing in nonbranded and branded campaigns to increase impressions and ward off competitors.

Event Execution

On Prime Day, we monitored and managed budgets, increasing as necessary throughout the day to maximize visibility and defend the brand. By adjusting bids in real-time, we can ensure everything goes as smoothly as possible.

Post-Event Tactics

By keeping budgets higher following the event to capture lingering impressions and running remarketing Sponsored Display Ads after Prime Day, we were able to recapture missed sales from the event.

Real Results

On Prime Day, Blue Wheel helped the brand achieve...





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