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The Need

Avatara wanted to achieve significant growth on their TikTok channel to better serve their target demographic.

The Situation

Avatara is more popular with Generation Z than other recognized beauty brands, and had been posting content consistently to TikTok with minimal success. Therefore, Avatara wanted to focus strategically on TikTok to widen their reach and discoverability.

Our Expertise

Social Media Marketing

We used TikTok business center to implement a boosted post strategy. The goal was to increase brand awareness for Avatara, as well as increase their TikTok engagement and following.

The Solution

We leveraged branded videos and UGC to attract and engage more of Avatara's customer demographic.

Content Variety

Our team sourced various content for Avatara, including brand-created videos, in-store showcases, and user-generated content. The content included mask try-ons, skincare nights-in, and shopping hauls. We then created a comprehensive content document that included the posting schedule for videos, along with dedicated hashtags and music.

Audience Focus

Our social media team manages all of Avatara’s social media accounts, including Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok. Due to the youth of Avatara’s social media demographic and customer base, our team decided to focus strategically on TikTok with a boosted post strategy. The goal was to amplify their organic content to attract more visitors.

Real Results

Blue Wheel helped Avatara achieve...




LOWER COST PER FOLLOW (than industry avg.)


PROFILE VIEWS (to date, 11/2022)

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