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The Need

Grande Cosmetics had been working with another agency to grow their Amazon business, but they were looking to level up. They came to their DTC partner, Blue Wheel, for help.

The Situation

Grande was looking to grow their Amazon Advertising efforts. Thanks to the success they saw with Blue Wheel on their DTC advertising efforts for nearly 6 years, they entrusted us with their Amazon efforts to continue that success and implement an omnichannel strategy.

Our Expertise

Omnichannel Marketing

Your DTC and Amazon businesses should not be in separate silos. By enacting an omnichannel marketing strategy, you not only create a great customer experience, you also grow your sales across the board.

The Solution

To make Grande Cosmetics’ Amazon Advertising a success, we enacted a detailed Amazon Advertising strategy to complement their DTC efforts.

Search Term Isolation

Because Grande had large amount of historical data to draw upon, we were able to pull known converting keywords from these other campaigns, unpause some, and optimize the account overall. This allowed us to jump start our performance from the very beginning!

Cutting-Edge Technology

Due to the size of Grande’s Amazon business and search volume, their campaign count needed to be increased considerably. This is where Companion, our ad tech, played a crucial role. Companion provides valuable data from multiple sources, generates suggestions of bids and keywords, and automates many aspects of optimization, thus freeing our Amazon experts to spend time on strategic insights and ideation.

Expert Strategy

We first rolled out our strategy with Sponsored Product Ads, as that ad type captures the bottom of the funnel for converting traffic. Once we had a good base of Sponsored Product campaigns, we started transferring our learnings and keywords over to our newly launched Sponsored Brand campaigns. Then, we launched Sponsored Display right before Prime Day 2022 to make the most of the increase in demand.

Budget & Competition Management

Luxury beauty is a difficult niche to sell on Amazon, so we were attempting to capture as much brand search volume as we can. Due to the high advertising costs of this category, we needed to make every effort to capture brand search volume in order to maintain efficiency. Additionally, Grande is a well-known brand in the beauty world, but with the high advertising costs and high prices, many brands are also competing for this same search volume through conquesting ads. By placing an importance on branded search campaigns, we have been able to not only grow the ad business of Grande on Amazon, but also increase in efficiency whenever we increase ad spend.

Real Results

Blue Wheel helped Grande Cosmetics achieve…







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