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The Need

A consumer product brand wanted to grow their Walmart advertising efforts.

The Situation

This brand had been performing well organically on Walmart, but they wanted to continue to expand their presence by beginning to advertise. They turned to Blue Wheel, who had helped scale their digital advertising & Amazon advertising.

Our Expertise

Walmart Advertising

We're experts in all things marketplaces, including Walmart. Using a scalable advertising process allows us to grow sales over time.

The Solution

Utilizing Existing Data

Since the brand had never advertised on Walmart before, we pulled high-conversion keywords from our existing Amazon data, assuming that Walmart customers have a similar buying habit as on Amazon.

Performing Keyword Research

We also did keyword research to help reseed our campaigns and provide new data for the marketplace. With this strategy, we were able to launch 324 campaigns across 17 product groups.

Real Results

In just 60 days, Blue Wheel helped the brand achieve...





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