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The Need

KORRES had a goal to launch a brand awareness initiative around their Greek beauty campaign called Do What Comes Naturally.

The Situation

KORRES had a goal of growing their brand recognition. In order to do so, they launched their Do What Comes Naturally initiative. Blue Wheel put together a digital ads strategy that focused on all parts of the funnel from introducing the brand, educating potential customers, and eventually converting people with a discovery kit.

Our Expertise

Multi-Funnel Campaigns

We figured out how best to tell the story in each part of the funnel, using particular visuals and language to drive awareness, traffic, and conversions in various phases throughout the campaign.

Budget Allocation

Budget was intended to be heavy on awareness at the beginning, then heavy on conversion towards the end, with the goal of generating as much awareness as possible and drive traffic to the site, with the goal of expanding KORRES' retargeting pool which lead to conversion.

The Solution

Blue Wheel crafted and enacted a comprehensive strategy that would allow KORRES to reach their larger campaign goals.

Campaign Structure

Our campaign structure and audiences allowed us to advertise to potential new customers, moving them further down the funnel.

Media Planning

We reviewed budgets, creatives, copy, and additional assets to understand how and where we could advertise. From there, our advertising team was able to implement the strategy in platform.

Real Results

Blue Wheel helped KORRES achieve...







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