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The Need

A hygiene company for men came to Blue Wheel for assistance with their Amazon Advertising.

The Situation

When ACoS is rising and sales are not, that’s a recipe for account failure. Blue Wheel created a comprehensive strategy for the brand that would allow them to increase their advertising sales while simultaneously lowering ACoS.

Our Expertise

Amazon Advertising

We're experts in all things Amazon Advertising — from Sponsored Brand, Sponsored Display, Sponsored Video, DSP, and more!

The Solution

Despite starting our advertising efforts in Q4, a historically expensive time to advertise, we enacted a strategy that would transform their account.

Combining Ad Types

We ran Sponsored Brand Ads, Sponsored Product, ASIN Targeting, and Sponsored Display Ads. This variety of ad types allowed us to reach consumers across all pages on Amazon.

Non-Branded and Branded

By bidding on both branded and non-branded keywords, we were able to prevent overall ACoS from rising, while simultaneously protecting our branded presence and owning new keywords.

Real Results

In just four months, Blue Wheel helped this brand achieve...





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