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The Need

United Scope, a microscope and microscope parts seller, has been working with Blue Wheel on their Amazon Advertising efforts for 4 years across multiple marketplaces, including the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

The Situation

In preparation for 2022 Cyber Weekend, we decided to launch a Sponsored Display vCPM model campaign for their top 9 products to grab as much traffic as we could on these high traffic days. (vCPM means we pay a particular cost per thousand impressions, an average of around $6, instead of paying per click.)

Our Expertise

Amazon Advertising

There are multiple ad types on Amazon, and it can be hard to determine which one is right for your brand at any given time. We look at historical data and trends to determine which ad type will give you the best return at the lowest ACoS.

Marketplace Strategy

Our Amazon experts come up with unique strategies that are tailored to your business and rooted in data. Whether you’re looking to capture more impressions during Cyber Weekend or boost sales during Prime Day, we’ll create and enact a strategy that fits your goals.

The Solution

In order to capture as many impressions as possible, increase sales, and decrease ACoS, we enacted a complex strategy that included multiple ad types for Cyber Weekend.

Cyber Weekend Strategy

We took United Scope’s top 9 products—which included a mix of microscopes such as kids microscopes, compound microscopes, and stereo microscopes—and decided to push as much traffic as we could using relevant categories during Cyber Weekend. We have since made these evergreen campaigns due to their amazing performance! We started bids out around $5 per thousand views, but have moved those bids up since we’ve seen how great they’ve performed!

vCPM Campaigns

A roadblock when starting out with vCPM campaigns is that they can be pretty pricey without a great return. These vCPM model types are more so for upper funnel marketing; however, we were able to pull many conversions for United Scope due to their categories being extremely relevant and niche to what they are selling.

Real Results

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