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The Need

We tested out Performance Max, the new goal-based campaign type on Google, with our haircare client VOLOOM to increase ROAS.

The Situation

It’s been a little bit since Google has released a new campaign type, so naturally, when we found out about Performance Max (often compared to Smart Shopping) we had to put it to the test to see if it was worth the hype.

Our Expertise

Paid Search

We understand paid search on Google (and Bing) like the back of our hand.

Testing New Features

Testing is our middle name — we love comparing new campaign types against existing ones.

The Solution

In order to see if Performance Max was a viable campaign for our clients, we tested it against Smart Shopping campaigns, as well as traditional branded and nonbranded campaigns.

Allocating Budget

In order to see the efficacy of Performance Max, we had to put a larger chunk of budget behind them to really get a sense of how they work over time.

Analyzing Data

There’s a lot that goes into analyzing the results of a pay-per-click campaign — including CTR, clicks, CPA, and ROAS. Analyzing each of these areas individually helps us understand the effectiveness of the campaign.

Real Results

Compared to Smart Shopping, these Performance Max campaigns achieved...







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