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The Need

Scentlok became a Blue Wheel Client in early 2022 and needed assistance scaling growth in the Amazon marketplace.

The Situation

Scentlok is a hunting equipment company that sells on Amazon, as well as D2C. Hunting is a seasonal sport and the sales of hunting gear ebb and flow with the opening and closing of the season. Supply chain issues and customer demand were a challenge when we began working with Scentok, as it was the hunting off-season.

Our Expertise

Amazon Advertising

Our team leveraged Amazon Advertising capabilities to increase brand awareness and sales for Scentlok. When we first launched sponsored product ads in the off-season, search volume was limited and slowed the effort to increase sales.

The Solution

We implemented sponsored brand and sponsored product ads using a search term isolation strategy.

Search Term Isolation

Our Search Term Isolation strategy involves the utilization of Companion, Blue Wheel’s proprietary Amazon Advertising tool. Using Companion, our team employed multiple sponsored product campaigns as a funnel for high-converting search terms. Our team implemented this strategy during Scentlok’s off-season. As hunting season neared, we expanded our strategy and launched new sponsored product campaigns which, at that time, became the top contributors to sales.

Brand Seasonality and Product Offering Increase

Given the high seasonality of the product and niche, our team compartmentalized the ad management into two distinct segments: off-season and peak season. Our team also familiarized themselves with Scentlok’s catalog and focused on promoting products with the highest potential for conversion, including gloves, face covers, jackets, and pants.

Real Results

Blue Wheel helped Scentlok achieve...







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