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The Need

Grande and Blue Wheel ran a well-oiled machine for Facebook and Instagram advertising — so we wanted to expand to emerging advertising channels.

The Situation

The team at Blue Wheel strongly believed Pinterest was a fit from an audience perspective and as a viable advertising channel for direct response and overall awareness.

Our Expertise

Channel Diversification

To supplement advertising efforts on Facebook, Instagram, and Google, we're able to diversify our channels by advertising on Pinterest, Snapchat, and TikTok.

Pinterest Advertising

Our advertising team was able to incorporate Pinterest into our overall strategy, complementing our Facebook and Instagram efforts.

The Solution

We focused on Grande's Own Your Natural campaign on Pinterest advertising, which covered both upper and lower funnel tactics and drove awareness to their core set of products.

Prospecting Campaigns

We launched a traffic-focused campaign with the sole intent of driving users to different product pages. We began seeing conversions come through which was not necessarily the intent of the traffic campaigns but certainly a welcome result!

Retargeting Campaigns

In addition, we launched a retargeting campaign, which covered traditional site visitor retargeting audiences as well as users who engaged with both organic and paid pins.

Real Results

The team at Blue Wheel helped Grande achieve...







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