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The Need

Voloom wanted to increase brand awareness and sales for their volumizing iron via influencer marketing.

The Situation

Voloom had an existing affiliate program that offered creators discounted or free products in exchange for content. Unfortunately, this approach did not generate desirable results. Voloom was further looking to create user-generated content that could be distributed on their organic and paid channels.

Our Expertise

Influencer Marketing

We created an influencer marketing strategy with a focus on acquiring video content. Influencers demonstrated how to use the volumizing iron in a series of TikTok videos and reels. Blue Wheel sourced micro-influencers within the hair and beauty space for this campaign.

The Solution

We launched an influencer marketing campaign to increase brand awareness and drive more sales.

Before-and-After Videos

One key element in selling beauty tools is being able to clearly demonstrate how the product works. Voloom is the first of its kind as a volumizing hair iron and delivers incredible results. Our team ensured that the influencers highlighted the effects of the iron by creating before-and-after videos.


Our team sourced micro-influencers in the beauty and haircare niches for Voloom’s influencer marketing campaign. Micro-influencers have a high engagement rate compared to creators with larger followings and illicit more trust from their followers. This means that their product recommendations have a higher conversion rate.

Real Results

Blue Wheel helped Voloom achieve...







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