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The Need

TikTok is arguably the most buzzed about platform of the moment and clients are looking for solutions from organic to influencer to paid.

The Situation

While our clients had seen success in gaining organic views and growing their following through the use of boosted posts, many were hesitant to dedicate serious spend to content creation or promoted growth without seeing proof that it could drive results.

Our Expertise

TikTok Marketing

Our team has their finger on the pulse of what’s working organically and in advertising on TikTok and how that can translate for our clients.

Boosted Posts

We've utilize promoted growth strategies on Instagram in the past to target authentic and relevant followers, and TikTok is no exception now that they’ve released the ability to set follower growth as a goal.

The Solution

Given the growth opportunities we're seeing for our clients on TikTok, we decided to talk the talk and dedicate budget and internal content creation resources to growing an engaged following of our own.

Boosted Posts

By utilizing follower growth as our campaign goal, we were able to target those who might be interested in our content without having to rely on going viral on the For You Page to grow.

Engaging Content

When deciding which facet of our agency to focus on for our TikTok account, creative production stood out as the piece with the most attention grabbing probability. We share behind the scenes content captured during our client photoshoots to give our current and potential followers a peak behind the curtain at what goes into brand product photography.

Organic Reach

By growing with the right followers through boosted post targeting, your organic posts have a significantly higher probability of going viral without the need to be boosted. Our team captured captivating video content and paired it with a trending song and in less that 24 hours one of organic posts reached 40k views and 1,645 likes!

Real Results

In just 2 week, Blue Wheel achieved...





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