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The Need

Voloom has been advertising with Blue Wheel for 3 years and wanted to monetize their TikTok influencer program. They approached us to spearhead this effort to get content that they could use organically and in advertising and drive revenue and awareness.

The Situation

Voloom struggled to drive meaningful revenue from their affiliate efforts. Thanks to our trusted relationship, the team at Blue Wheel were able to make a strategic recommendation to them and enact that strategy together.

Our Expertise

TikTok Influencer Marketing

Blue Wheel are experts at TikTok influencer marketing — from campaigns to sourcing to contracting to creative. We’ve made influencer marketing quantifiable on this relatively new platform. For Voloom, we were able to strategize the overall campaign goals and objectives, and then enact a strategy to help them reach those goals on TikTok!

The Solution

Voloom’s success differed from other influencer strategies because their product is very unique and shows an immediate improvement of a common issue—thin, non-voluminous hair. By getting the product into the right hands, we were able to display the truly unique quality of the product.

Strategic Partnerships

We’ve found that influencers often have more selling power on TikTok because of the algorithm. An influencer’s video has a higher chance of getting more views despite a small follower size because of the algorithm. By giving influencers an affiliate code, we create an incentive for them to post content surrounding the product.

Campaign Strategy

We designed a custom strategy for Voloom based on their target buyer and budget. With their budget, we were able to secure influencers ranging from 5k–200k followers across platforms. We set guidelines for the videos they create, ensuring the right information is conveyed while still giving them flexibility to be creative!

Real Results

In just 8 months, Blue Wheel helped Voloom’s influencer marketing campaign achieve…







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