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Blue Wheel ūü§Ě Incremental Media

We’re excited to partner with Incremental Media to diversify our clients’ media mix into offline channels. Let’s get rolling!

Welcome to The Wheel

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Our Philosophy:

The Omni-Channel Way

The future of ecommerce is an omni-channel strategy that combines all facets of your business ‚ÄĒ your owned website, social media, and marketplaces. In order to succeed, you need to invest in all of these areas, and Blue Wheel is a pioneer in this philosophy.

What We Do


Digital Advertising

From Facebook to TikTok, we’re experts in all things advertising.

Conversion Creative

We create videos and images specifically designed to convert on advertising.

Social Growth & Management

Gain real, engaged followers who love your brand and become enthusiasts.

Influencer Monetization

Build relationships with content creators and make money from the partnership.

Email Marketing

Grow and nurture your list of owned customers, so you’re able to market to them effectively.

Amazon Advertising

Promote your products on the world’s largest marketplace.

Meet Incremental Media

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Incremental Media's Philosophy

Incremental Media helps brands diversify their media mix into offline channels like podcasts, package inserts, shared mail, and retargeting postcards.

What Incremental Media Does


Insert Media

Insert ads into vehicles like packages and catalogs from a wide variety of brands like Home Chef to Lane Bryant to Hammacher Schlemmer.

Print Media

This includes magazines, shared mail, and co-op mailings.


Direct Mail

We know what audiences to target, how to get printing efficiencies, and how to design creative to stand out in the mailbox.

Retargeting Postcards

Leveraging the principles of digital retargeting but for offline marketing, we match anonymous web visitors to a mailing address and then mail them a postcard with a unique offer.



We specialize in host-endorsed podcast ads where we send products to hosts, get them to have a great experience with your products, and then have them speak about those products in our ads.

Email Newsletters

From Morning Brew to theSkimm to 1440, we can help you reach a highly engaged audience to acquire new customers.

Get in Touch with Blue Wheel

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