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The New Ad Platform in Town

Amazon’s latest breakthrough – Amazon has now become the third-highest digital ad platform in the United States – a serious milestone!

“US digital ad revenues at Amazon will more than double this year, eMarketer estimates, moving it up the ranks past Oath and Microsoft to take the No. 3 position behind Facebook and Google.” – Nicole Perrin

This year, US advertisers will spend $4.61 billion on Amazon’s platform, which translates to 4.1% of ALL digital ad spending in the country. eMarketer expects that the growth will continue over the next two years, up to 50% per year, giving Amazon 7% of all U.S. digital ad spend.

Facebook and Google still reign supreme and will surely continue to exert the strongest force as a so-called duopoly, but Amazon has crept into third with much more growth to come.

“Amazon knows what you search for, but more importantly – they know what you purchase. This makes advertising on Amazon even more powerful than their social media and search engine counterparts.Only Amazon knows what people are actually buying.” – Ryan Burgess, BWM’s Director of Amazon

Amazon is also making it simpler to purchase ads on its platform. On September 5th, Amazon announced that all ad buying and reporting would be rebranded under the name “Amazon Advertising” and fully consolidated by the end of the year. 

Want to Make the Most of Your Amazon Advertising? Learn More. 

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