Finding Customers During a Crisis

PDF updated April 6, 2020.

Brands find themselves in unprecedented waters after the outbreak of COVID-19. Chief among these concerns is “how do I find my customer in today’s environment?”

Blue Wheel has amassed their collected insights, tips and success stories in order to provide businesses like yours the tools they need to survive. Whether you sell on your own website or Amazon, our team has collected actionable best practices driven by data.

The Secret to Uncovering Additional Revenue

What if we told you you’re missing revenue that could be attributed to your off-Amazon Google and Facebook ads? What if there were additional sales from your campaign—they just happened on Amazon, not your own website?

Amazon Attribution allows you to uncover additional revenue that can be credited back to your ad campaign.

It could be the difference between profitable and unprofitable campaigns. Between killing an ad or extending it. Between explaining the success or failure of a campaign to your CMO.

Learn how Amazon Attribution directly affects your brand, how you can utilize the data in your reporting and forecasting, and what this shift means for the future of ecom.

Five-Star Amazon Customer Service Reporting

Positive reviews are critical to better rankings and higher sales on Amazon. More than that, good customer service is just part of doing good business.

In this PDF, you’ll gain access to a customer service reporting structure that played a part in growing one brand’s direct-to-consumer sales from $0 to ~$30,000,000 in just 3 years.

Creating your own streamlined customer service reports will allow you to:

  • Generate more positive reviews
  • Identify problems in fulfillment and product
  • Increase communication across departments
  • Determine staff and schedule needs
  • Create automated solutions to common issues

Take your Amazon game to the next level by breaking down your customer service messages and reviews. Not only will you outpace your competition, but you’ll turn your happy customers into returning customers.

Don’t Let the Negative Reviews Get You (Or Your Ranking) Down

Positive reviews are one of the single biggest drivers to success on Amazon. The goal is to get quality, fair, and positive reviews.

Negative reviews, however, lower your SERP ranking and can even remove the coveted buy button from your product listing.

Unlock the tips to remove negative Amazon reviews. In just a few easy steps, you’ll have only fair reviews on your product listing so your customers can feel confident in their purchase from you.

Amazon Advertising Guide to the Galaxy

This isn’t your typical eBook—our Guide to the Galaxy is filled with advanced strategies and tips to help you achieve real growth. With decades of combined experience, our Amazon Advertising Experts share every intricacy and detail they’ve learned about how to win on Amazon in 2019. You’ll learn about listing optimization, product images & videos, Amazon PPC & Display Advertising, and more—all taught by industry thought-leaders.

2019 will be a monumental year for Amazon Sellers. What are you doing to stay ahead of the game?