Transform Your Schedule With The Latest Smart Calendar Apps

Transform Your Schedule With The Latest Smart Calendar Apps

In order to maximize your already busy schedule, planning accordingly with a calendar is the only way to be efficient and timely. Obviously, with the advent of the smartphone and other mobile devices, physical datebooks are no longer a necessary tool for any budding impresario. Check out this breakdown of the current trends in smart calendar apps and clear your schedule for a bright future.


With praise from Mashable, Wired and ZDNet, Tempo is making a mark as one of the best apps, let alone smart calendar programs, to download on your phone. Offering the ability to send pre-populated late notices via email/text, handle call-in meeting codes and mapping services, this app literally does the work of two personal assistants.


Sunrise offers one of the most aesthetically pleasing menus of all smart calendar apps. Courtesy of easy to scroll menus, the screen can easily offer a view of the next two weeks or next two years. Compatible with Google Calendar and Facebook, the free app can connect to multiple calendars at the same time, features seamless time zone changes and the ability to add events quickly on the fly.


Connecting your account to every form of social media, all online communities and many email services, Cue may be the most pliable of all smart calendar services. By combining all of your most needed programs together, the app is capable of searching across all platforms to find the information you need at a moment’s notice. Cue recieves bonus points for the ability to handle/cancel flight reservations within the app.


Part task management, part smart calendar, can easily be implemented in your daily schedule like iCal, Basecamp or Zoho. In addition, the app has social media-like abilities, which can make it easy to coordinate with coworkers using the same calendar. Tag your fellow employees with @ and use hashtags to create project-based drivers.


The latest in smart calendar apps, Calendo is a helpful extension for the mobile Facebook program. The app is capable of finding events you might like to attend and offers easy sharing options for your own meet-ups. While Calendo won”t replace your old calendar app, it’s a helpful tool for discovering seminars, social media events and networking opportunities in your area.


With the help of these unique smart calendar apps, you can control your daily schedule and keep on task all from the palm of your hand.  After all, the best way to stay abreast of your workload is to be able to see it presented in an easy-to-manage handheld format.

– Eric Allen


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