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SHEEX® is the world’s first performance cooling bedding. The patent-pending moisture-wicking fabric of SHEEX® keeps you cool and dry all night long. Blue Wheel has assumed the lead on all things digital for SHEEX®, and has helped the brand experience significant growth over the past two years.

Step 1: Reboot the Creative

Step one was to create more engaging product shots that let the visitor feel what it was like to sleep on SHEEX®. The original imagery simply showed a bed with tightly pulled sheets, on a white background. The new imagery feature the feel and silkiness of the sheets, merchandised in a room that fits the persona of the person who would buy that particular sheet set.

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Next Up: New Website

The existing on-site merchandising did not facilitate a good user experience for SHEEX® customers. Blue Wheel revamped this experience by updating all product images to reflect product line differentiators and product names to ensure customer clarity.

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Search Engine Optimization


Prior to working with Blue Wheel, SHEEX® struggled in ranking for their most valued terms. Today, SHEEX® holds top ranking for both branded and non-branded terms, including ”cooling bed sheets,””sheets that keep you cool,” and of course, “sheex.” Site traffic from these efforts increased by over 100%, which facilitated a lift in revenue from organic traffic by over 30% in the first year.

NEW EYES: Media Buying

After performing an audit of SHEEX® digital advertising, Blue Wheel saved SHEEX® over$30,000/month in negatively returning ad spend. Blue Wheel cleaned up the effort, without compromising revenue. In fact, revenue continued to increase, while spend decreased tremendously, resulting in 2.5X profitability!

Facebook Advertising

Blue Wheel knew SHEEX®’s brand would thrive in the Facebook newsfeed, if we could only get the brand more visibility. After an initial test, Blue Wheel found more than 2:1 ROAS utilizing advanced Look-A-Like profiling of SHEEX®’s purchasers.

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In order to jumpstart SHEEX®’s new social media strategy, we needed to generate a large spike of brand awareness and user generated content through influencer marketing collaborations. We were able to create agreements with a wide variety of influencers who reached multiple consumer segments.

  • 56Total Influencer Posts
  • 4.1MImpressions
  • 88.2KPost Likes
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In order for SHEEX® to be a truly authoritative sleep brand, Blue Wheel Media created the Between The SHEEX® content house. The blog houses search-optimized articles on all things sleep, as well as behind-the-scenes photoshoots and company PR efforts. This content supplements SHEEX® social media and email marketing. It is also distributed to 100s of other publisher sites through a content syndication strategy drawing in new visitors in our funnel.

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We are honored to have won multiple awards for our work with SHEEX®, including Marketing Campaign of the Year, Small Budget Marketing Campaign Less than $3M, and Platinum for Content House design.

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